"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"-Oscar Wilde


What is self love?

Self love is essential for us to truly heal. Self love is showing ourselves the same compassion and love that we show those closest to us. It’s changing the conversation with ourselves from a place of self condemnation to self compassion and understanding. Self love can be confused for self-ish, but these two concepts could not be any more different.

Self love is focused on nurturing yourself to assist you in your growth process while selfish focuses only on yourself at the expense of others . Self-ish is having only your needs in mind, while self love is taking your needs into consideration as well as those around you. Self love is finding fullfillment within yourself, you are enough, rather than only finding your value in others. Self love is recognizing your needs and taking the time and energy to invest into those needs.

3 Steps Towards Self Love:

  1. Create a space for self care-be aware of the need for rejuvination and relief and actively take the time to invest in this. Discover what activities make you feel most nurtured. Taking a bath, enjoying a good book, going on a run? What do you need-mind, body, and soul to feel renewed.

  2. Be mindful of your inner voice and what you are saying to yourself. Recognize times you are speaking critically to yourself and instead of feeding into this, try to look at your situation from a place of compassion. Speak to yourself with the words you would use to speak with a close friend who was experiencing the same situation.

  3. Be aware of all the things that make you uniquely you. Find ways to celebrate these.

    Self love is a journey. All of us have an inner critic which at times is beneficial to our personal growth. The key is balance. It is just as important to have a nurturing voice to support ourselves through the pain and suffering of simply being human.

    If you are ready to begin this journey towards self love and self compassion, contact me today to schedule your first session.